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Horst Krause

Born December 18, 1941 in Bönhof, West Prussia, Germany [now Benowo, Poland]
as "Paul Krüger"
as "Horst Krause"
as "Fisch-Winkler"
as "Leo Kaiser"
as "Günter „Ole“ Reddemann"
as "Polizeihauptmeister Horst Krause"
U-900 (2008)
as "Generalmajor Rheintal"
as "Dorfpolizist Horst Krause"
as "Horst"
as "Sebastian Kolle"
as "Hugo"
as "Karl Mooskramer"
as "Schultze"
as "Horst Grabow"
Gripsholm (2000)
as "Generalkonsul"
as "Paul 'Schnapper' Schrader"
as ""
as "Alfred Röchel"
as "Kowalski"
as "Taxifahrer"
as "Eppelmann"
as "Fritz Gretzschel, Trainer"
Night Time (1998)
as "Borregard"
as "Hauptkommissar Matzanke"
as "Hauptkommissar Matzanke"
as "Atze"
as "Waldemar Pückler"
as "Herbert Grabbe"
as "Willi"
Amerika (1996)
as "Fritz"
as "Hausmeister"
as "Schalck-Golodkowski"
as "Bienlein"
as "Kurt Becker"
as "Metzger"
as "Moritz Kipp ("Most')"
Miraculi (1992)
as "Pykniker"
Olle Henry (1983)
as ""
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