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Peter Vaughan

Born April 4, 1923 in
Albatross (2011)
as "Grandpa"
as "Bob"
as "Uncle Alfie"
as "Edward Pretty"
as "Bill Sellers"
Beauty (2004)
as "Mr. Robbins"
as "Troy Gladwell"
The Mother (2003)
as "Toots"
as "Sir Ensor Doone"
as "Morton Blanche"
as "Barone Blau"
Longitude (2000)
as "George Graham"
as "Phipps"
as "Admiral Lord Hood"
as "'Pops', the Shopkeeper"
as "Bishop"
Face (1997)
as "Sonny"
as "Gabriel Betteredge"
as "Giles Corey"
as "The Driver"
Fatherland (1994)
as "SS-Oberstgruppenführer Artur Nebe"
as "William Stevens"
as "Director"
as "Gen. Mercier"
as "Captain"
as "Hermann Goering"
as "The Chiropodist"
as "Harvey"
as "Uncle Francis Abbot Sr."
Brazil (1985)
as "Mr. Helpmann"
as "Mackenzie"
as "Squire Bassatt"
as "Mr. Freeman"
as "Winston the Ogre"
Porridge (1979)
as "Grouty"
Zulu Dawn (1979)
as "QSM Bloomfield"
Henry VIII (1979)
as "Gardiner, Bishop of Winchester"
Valentino (1977)
as "Rory O'Neil"
as "Coglin"
Symptoms (1974)
as "Brady"
The Return (1973)
as "Stephen Royds"
as "Field Marshal Albert Kesselring"
as "Brunskill"
as "Aufret"
as "Bishop"
as "Mr Paxton"
as "Museum Attendant"
Straw Dogs (1971)
as "Tom Hedden"
Eyewitness (1970)
as "Paul Grazzini"
as "Inspector Malling"
as "Burrud"
Hammerhead (1968)
as "Hammerhead"
as "Sergeant Walker"
as "Nikolai Volkov"
as "Martin Slattery"
as "Sir Henry Capell"
Fanatic (1965)
as "Harry"
as "Roper"
as "Committee Man"
as "Chief of Hungarian Police"
as "P.C. Gobby"
Sapphire (1959)
as "Detective Whitehead"
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