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Thomas Sarbacher

Born uknown in
as "Robert Heller"
as "Paul Meister"
as "Martin Jung"
as "König Ottokar"
as "Soko-Leiter Mathias"
as "Michael Zimmermann"
Forgotten (2012)
as "Tim"
as "Martin Jung"
as "Stephan Fürstenfeld"
as "Thorsten"
as "Gerald Wernecke"
as "Marquard Wolfens"
Bella Vita (2010)
as "Martin Jung"
as "Harald Kopp"
as "Tom Schilling"
as "Karl Pagenburg"
as "Markus Tomrad"
Underdogs (2007)
as "Mosk"
The Wave (2008)
as "Karo's Vater"
as "Kai Mertens"
as ""
as "Marco Hoffer"
as "Alain Tavernier"
as "Paul"
as "Dr. Martin Brügger"
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