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Titus Welliver

Born Mars 12, 1961 in
as "The Zookeeper"
as "Tim Hickey"
as "Maxwell"
Argo (2012)
as "Bates"
as "Rob"
as "Agent Felix Blake"
as "Dante Marcus"
as "Mike Donato"
The Town (2010)
as "Dino Ciampa"
as "Gebhardt"
as "Mr. Praylis"
as "Tony"
as "Lionel McCready"
Twisted (2004)
as "Dale Becker"
Blonde (2001)
as "The Baseball Player"
Cement (2000)
as ""
as "Lewis Thornton Paine"
as "Moe"
as "Kenny Kamins"
as "Sergeant Bo Markle"
as "Ray Manta"
as "Jack Austin"
as "Ralph Capone"
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