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Xander Berkeley

Born December 16, 1955 in Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Alexander Harper "Xander" Berkeley (born December 16, 1955) is an American actor. His roles include George Mason on the television series 24.

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Proud Mary (2018)
as "Uncle"
as "Artemis"
Allegiant (2016)
as "Phillip"
Solace (2015)
as "Mr. Ellis"
as "Dr. Kirk Langstrom (voice)"
as "Frank Devore"
Small Time (2014)
as "Chick"
as "Dr. Thomas Casey"
as "Kenneth"
as "Dr. Lansen"
Five (2011)
as "Peter"
as "Lieutenant Durgan"
as "Moe"
Luster (2010)
as "Detective Carter"
Faster (2010)
as "Sergeant Mallory"
as "McMahon"
Kick-Ass (2010)
as "Detective Vic Gigante"
Bedrooms (2010)
as "Harry"
as "Preacher McMahon"
as "Mr. Frost"
as "Captain Atom (voice)"
Repo Chick (2009)
as "Aldrich De La Chasse"
Year One (2009)
as "King"
as "Sonny"
as "Dad"
Taken (2008)
as "Stuart St John"
Fracture (2007)
as "Judge Moran"
The Garage (2006)
as ""
as "Railroad Foreman"
as "Peter Shepherd"
Deepwater (2005)
as "Gus"
as "Admiral Kentz"
as "Harkness"
as "Arlen Pavich"
as "Jonathan"
as "Tommy Tulip"
Quicksand (2003)
as "Joey Patterson"
as "Mr. DeMarco"
as "Virgil Koster"
as "Dakar Johnston"
as "Nathan Van Cleef"
Timecode (2000)
as "Evan Wantz"
as "Dr. Dylan Cotner"
NetForce (1999)
as "Bo Tyler"
as "Yepihodov"
Winchell (1998)
as "Gavreau"
Phoenix (1998)
as "Lt. Clyde Webber"
Driven (1996)
as "J.D. Johnson"
Amistad (1997)
as "Hammond"
Gattaca (1997)
as "Dr. Lamar"
as "Secret Service Agent Gibbs"
as ""
as "Tosh"
Apollo 11 (1996)
as "Buzz Aldrin"
For Hope (1996)
as "Date #4 (uncredited)"
as "John Barrows"
as "Gentry"
as "Ryan"
The Rock (1996)
as "Lonner (uncredited)"
Barb Wire (1996)
as "Alexander Willis"
as "Sunburned Man"
as "Donald Falk"
Heat (1995)
as "Ralph"
as "Cynical Cabbie"
Apollo 13 (1995)
as "Henry Hurt"
Safe (1995)
as "Greg White"
as "Shakespeare"
Roswell (1994)
as "Sherman Carson"
as "Joey Szabo"
as "Second Man"
as "Russ Loring"
as "Capt. Whitaker"
as "Kozolowski"
Candyman (1992)
as "Trevor Lyle"
as "Peter Zenner"
as "Harvey Preston"
as "Todd Voight"
as "Bruce MacNamara"
Dillinger (1991)
as "Harry Copeland"
as "Lt. Pierson"
Short Time (1990)
as "Stark"
as "Detective"
as "Fast Eddie"
as "John Patrick Earl"
as "Monty Griswold"
The Rookie (1990)
as "Blackwell"
as "Rudy Mohr"
as "Lloyd"
as "Waingro"
as "Jack Torme"
Tapeheads (1988)
as "Ricky Fell"
as "Cardogan"
as "Ez Andy"
Walker (1987)
as "Byron Cole"
as "Preacher McMahon"
as ""
as "Bowery Snax"
Volunteers (1985)
as "Kent Sutcliffe"
as "Connally"
as "Christopher Crawford"
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