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Greg Ellis

Born Mars 21, 1968 in
as "Mzingo (voice)"
Forsaken (2015)
as "Tom Watson"
as "Captain Boomerang"
as "Jimmy (voice)"
as "Will Scarlet / Tin (voice)"
Foodfight! (2012)
as "Hairy Hold"
as "Lieutenant Theodore Groves"
Star Trek (2009)
as "Chief Engineer Olsen"
as "Welther"
Beowulf (2007)
as "Garmund"
as "Lieutenant Theodore Groves"
as "Creeper / Horror's Hand / Pirate #3 / Paperboy (voice)"
as "Mickey"
as "Lieutenant Theodore Groves"
as "Roman Byrnes"
Titanic (1997)
as "Carpathia Steward"
as "Tarek"
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