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Georg Friedrich

Born uknown in
as "Slim Miller"
Wild (2016)
as "Boris"
Stereo (2014)
as "Keitel"
Superegos (2014)
as "Nick Gutlicht"
as "Paul"
Blackstory (2012)
as "Sylvester"
as "Slave Trader"
Eastalgia (2012)
as "Günther"
as "Jorge"
as "Karl Swoboda"
Breathing (2011)
as "Rudolf Kienast"
as "Alexander Runge"
Faust (2011)
as "Wagner"
as "Siddharta"
as "Rudi Smekal"
as "Florian"
as "Moritz"
Parkour (2009)
as "Janko"
as "Gerhard Kemp"
as "Schorsch"
North Face (2008)
as "Edi Rainer"
as "Pfleger Andi"
as "Ingmar"
as "Lurchi"
Falling (2006)
as "Norbert"
as "Holger Hagenbeck"
Klimt (2006)
as "Young Waiter 1"
as ""
as "Kurt"
Unveiled (2005)
as "Burkhardt"
C(r)ook (2004)
as "Tom"
as ""
Silentium (2004)
as "Hausmeister Josef"
as "Kriminalpolizist"
Slugs (2004)
as "Schorsch"
as "Andreas"
as "Barkeeper"
Dog Days (2001)
as "Angetrunkener Freund von Vikerl"
as "Man in drive-in"
as "Fochler"
Opera ball (1998)
as "Polier"
Blutrausch (1997)
as "Skocik"
as "Störungsdienst der Post"
as "Elias"
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