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Rosenwald (2015)
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June Havoc

Born November 8, 1912 in
as "Clara"
as "Helen Morell"
as "Hoover's Mother"
as "Lorrie Delacourt"
as "Jean Wilson"
as "Norma"
as "Margie Foster"
as "Maggie Roberts"
as "Molly X"
as "Leona"
as "Sandra"
as "Nina Karanova"
Intrigue (1947)
as "Mme. Tamara Baranoff"
as "Elaine Wales"
as "Trixie Summers"
as "Lillian Colman"
as "Lil Boggs"
as "Leslie Quayle"
as "Beulah Clancy"
as "Darlene"
as "Effie Shelton"
as "Roxey Rochelle"
as "Opal"
Hey There (1918)
as "Child"
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