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Kenneth Choi

Born October 20, 1971 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Attended Purdue University as an accounting major and left to pursue an acting career.

Born and raised in Chicago. 
Gringo (2018)
as "Marty"
Bright (2017)
as "Yamahara"
as "Principal Morita"
as "Yakuza Boss"
as "Chester Ming"
as "C.I.A."
as "Jack"
Red Dawn (2012)
as "Smith"
as "Jim Morita"
as "Boss Kim"
Baby (2007)
as "Mike"
War (2007)
as "Takada"
as "Pvt. Dave 'Bullseye' Fukushima (as Ken Choi)"
as "Ambassador Li Sung Park"
as "CBP Officer"
Deep Core (2000)
as "Wayne Lung"
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