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Michael Lerner

Born June 22, 1941 in Brooklyn, New York, USA
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Michael Lerner (born June 22, 1941) is an American actor.

Description above from the Wikipedia article Michael Lerner (actor), licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.
Ashby (2015)
as "Entwhistle"
as "Senator Brickman"
Immigrant (2013)
as ""
as "David"
as "Baron"
as "Wesley Mouch"
as "The Mensch"
as "Harvey"
as "Solomon Schlutz"
as "Stanley"
Slipstream (2007)
as "Big Mikey"
as "Art Dealer"
as "Leguzza"
as "Marvin Berstein"
as "Ira Stuckman"
Poster Boy (2004)
as "Jack Kray"
as "Artie Cohen"
Elf (2003)
as "Fulton Greenway"
as "Producer (voice)"
29 Palms (2002)
as "The Judge"
as "Dr. Stan York"
as "Khourosh"
as "Mr. Channing"
Celebrity (1998)
as "Dr. Lupus"
Safe Men (1998)
as "Big Fat Bernie Gayle"
Godzilla (1998)
as "Mayor Ebert"
as "Professor Marcus"
as "Phil Kleinman"
as "Jerry Miller"
as "Pal"
as "Frank"
as "Perry"
as "Goodloe Bender"
as "Lieutenant Cross"
No Escape (1994)
as "Warden"
as "Biderman"
as "Phil Gillman"
as "Jack Lipnick"
as "Earl"
as "Edward Doyle"
Framed (1990)
as "Elliot Shane"
as "Herb Denner"
as "Irving"
as "Bugsy Calhoune"
as "Arnold Rothstein"
Vibes (1988)
as "Burt Wilder"
as "Nat Goldberg"
Anguish (1987)
as "John Pressman"
as "Arnie"
as "Sidney Ferraro"
as "Harry Cohn"
as "Willie Collins"
as "Dr. Robert Young"
Threshold (1981)
as "Henry De Vici"
Borderline (1980)
as "Henry Lydell"
as "Dr. Frederick Froll"
as "Jack Warner"
as ""
as "Hatch"
as "Barbet"
St. Ives (1976)
as "Myron Green"
as "Manny"
as "Marvin Margulies"
as ""
as "Dr. Marvin Kittredge"
as "Jerry Steele"
Hangup (1974)
as "Fred Richards"
as "Frank Archer"
Busting (1974)
as "Marvin"
Firehouse (1973)
as "Ernie Bush"
as "Paul Corliss"
as "Lemberg"
Thief (1971)
as "Jack Cutter"
as "Sid Bagby"
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