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Rob Paulsen

Born Mars 11, 1956 in Detroit, Michigan, USA
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Robert Fredrick "Rob" Paulsen III  (born March 11, 1956), sometimes credited as Rob Paulson, is an American voice actor, best known as the voice behind Raphael from the 1987 cartoon of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Yakko Warner and Dr. Otto Scratchansniff from Animaniacs, Pinky from Pinky and the Brain and Animaniacs, Rev Runner from Loonatics Unleashed, and Throttle from the 1990s and 2006 versions of Biker Mice From Mars. His role as Yakko won him a Daytime Emmy Award for male vocal performance; he won a second one for his portrayal of Pinky.
In total, Paulsen has been the voice of over 250 different animated characters and performed in over 1000 commercials. He continues to play minor parts in dozens of cartoons as well as supporting characters in animated movies.

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as "Harold Goldblum (voice)"
as "Spike / Skinny Digger"
as "Donatello / Triceraton Lieutenant"
as "Mac Gopher"
as "Seagull (voice)"
as "Mr. Beet (voice)"
as "Julio (voice)"
as "Bobble (voice)"
as "Himself"
as "Jeff Adams (voice)"
as "Bobble (voice)"
as "Sheriff / Vampire Actor #2 / Teen Vampire (voice)"
as "Bobbie (voice)"
as "The Tin Man"
as "Commander Cody/Bobby/George Lucas"
as "Bobble (voice)"
as "Drew Flynn / Lt. Brice / Deandre (voice)"
as "Mr. Reloj/Mr. Dulsen/Charkie"
as "Michael / Commercial Voice / Bobby Hyde / Commandant Hess / Assistant Cameraman / El Gato / Grossburger / Creature Preacher (voice)"
as "Bobble / Tall Troll / Owl (voice)"
as "Weaponers (voice)"
as "Bobble (voice)"
as "Ink Spot / Swifty (voice)"
as "Sal Maroni / Mole Man / Youth #4"
as "Gwizdo / Bat / Lensflair (voice)"
as "Spike / Yellow Belly / Baryonix #4 (voice)"
as "Sydney Leach / Anna's Fiance"
as "Jaq / Grand Duke (voice)"
as "Bill"
as "Chief (voice)"
as "Freund #2 (voice)"
Barnyard (2006)
as "Peck the Rooster / Gopher (voice)"
as "Beetle (voice)"
as "Carl / Eustace / Butler / Bucky McBadbat"
as "Reuben"
as "Carl / Anti-Fairy Walla"
as "Eubie / Kid / Turbo"
as "Irving / Dave (voice)"
as "Computer / Worker #1 / Worker #2"
as "The Troubadour (voice)"
as "Carl Wheezer/Mr. Wheezer/Mrs. Wheezer/Test Pilot/Announcer (voice)"
as "Carl Wheezer/Announcer (voice)"
as "Mickey / Toll Booth Operator"
as "Hades (singing) (voice)"
as "Jaq / Grand Duke / Baker / Sir Hugh (voice)"
as "Carl Wheezer (voice) / Mr. Wheezer (voice) / Mrs. Wheezer (voice) / Kid in Classroom (voice)"
as "Spike / Stegosaurus Leader (voice)"
as "Rothchild/Cole Lampkin/Lizor"
Bat Thumb (2001)
as "No Face / Commissioner / Criminal #2 (voice)"
as "Bus Driver / Head Elf / Elf #1 (voice)"
as "Mr. Rochelle (voice)"
Thumbtanic (2000)
as "Mr. Prickle / Bartender / Lice Checker #2 (voice)"
as "Prince Eric (voice)"
as "Kog-Head / Meatus"
as "Yakko Warner, Pinky and Dr. Otto Scratchansniff"
as "Oobedoob Benubi / Thumbtrooper (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Additional voices"
as "P.J. Pete (voice)"
as "Squishington"
as "Spike / Strut / Chomper (voice)"
as "Prince (voice)"
as "Easter Bunny"
as "Beaver / Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Pappy / Red Moppel / Announcer (voice)"
as "Hadji"
as "Fowlmouth / Johnny Pew / Banjo the Woodpile Possum / Mr. Hitcher / Manager / Additional Voices (voice)"
Snow White (1990)
as "Dwarf (voice)"
as "Jack (voice) (uncredited)"
as "Newsman"
as "John Wainwright"
as "Sky Rocker / Zany"
as "James the Chauffeur / Lester Pester / Tour Bus Driver (voice)"
Cathy (1987)
as "Irving (voice)"
as "Larry Falkwell"
as "Moki"
Noah's Ark (1986)
as "Moki"
as "Jewell Buchanan"
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