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Dakin Matthews

Born November 7, 1940 in
as "Judge Byers"
as "Greg Goran"
Lincoln (2012)
as "John Usher"
The Eagle (2011)
as "Claudius Marcellus"
True Grit (2010)
as "Col. Stonehill"
as "Mr. Fairchild"
as "Arthur Lundahl"
as "Judge (voice) (uncredited)"
The Siege (1998)
as "Senator Wright"
The Siege (1998)
as "Congressman Marshall"
Flubber (1997)
as "Minister"
Bean (1997)
as "Passenger Tucker"
Virus (1995)
as "Dr. Dubcheck"
as "King William (voice)"
as "Vice President Walter Kelly"
White Mile (1994)
as "Andy Thornell"
as "Ted Avery"
as "Congressman Phil Burton"
The Temp (1993)
as "Dr. Feldman"
as "Albee Ferguson"
Revolver (1992)
as "Tom McCall"
as "Larry"
as "Francis Haynes"
as "Colonel Cochrane"
Jailbirds (1991)
as "Sheriff"
Ghost Dad (1990)
as "Mr. Seymour"
as "Charlie"
Wired (1989)
as "Washington Post Editor"
as "Dr. Cutler"
Naked Lie (1989)
as "Adam Berger"
as "Bob"
Funny Farm (1988)
as "Marion Corey Jr."
Baby M (1988)
as "Judge Sorkow"
as ""
Nuts (1987)
as "First Judge"
as "Old Man Morrison"
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