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Roger Aaron Brown

Born June 12, 1949 in
as "Brother Cole"
DNA (1996)
as "Loren Azenfeld"
Galaxis (1995)
as "Detective Carter"
Tall Tale (1995)
as "John Henry"
as "Eliot"
as "(voice)"
as "Sheriff Heidegger"
RoboCop 2 (1990)
as "Whittaker"
Downtown (1990)
as "Lt. Sam Parral"
as "Det. Bill Tuggle"
as "Officer Lack"
Near Dark (1987)
as "Cajun Truck Driver"
as "Bob Waters"
as "Moses Drapper"
as "Longo's Left Hand Man"
as "Epsilon Technician"
as "Eddie"
Bad Ronald (1974)
as "Sergeant Carter"
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