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Jason Blicker

Born uknown in
The Walk (2015)
as "Officer Daley"
Life (2015)
as "Journalist"
No Deposit (2015)
as "Jake Coleman"
as "Sam"
as "Mob Thug"
Do No Harm (2012)
as "Detective Wallers"
Hidden 3D (2011)
as "Simon"
as "Norm Dobson"
as "Albert Mankins"
Wisegal (2008)
as "Dante Montanari"
as ""
as "Dave Quinson"
Gleason (2002)
as "Sol Friedman"
as "Jack 'Chick' Cicollini"
Jenifer (2001)
as "Neurologist"
Superstar (1999)
as "Howard"
as "Officer Alonzo"
Half Baked (1998)
as "Detective"
as "Betting Clerk"
Gridlock (1996)
as "Charlie Runnels"
as "Sgt. Osgood"
as "Frank"
La Florida (1993)
as "Jay Lamori"
as "Cop / Thief #3"
as "Marty Kaplan"
Sing (1989)
as "Ari"
as "Hickman"
as "Sound Man"
as "Dave Kemp"
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