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John Rubinstein

Born December 8, 1946 in
as "Marcus Wheeler"
as "Dr. White"
as "Dr. Floyd Ferris"
as "Stan Minsky"
as "Dr. Harris"
as "Cary Evor"
Sublime (2007)
as "Lichterhand"
as "Phil Raphaelson"
21 Grams (2003)
as "Gynecologist"
Red Dragon (2002)
as "Dinner Guest"
Kid Cop (1996)
as "Stan Dwerkin"
as "Darryl Zanuck"
Mercy (1995)
as "Frank Kramer"
as "Thomas Hassrick"
as "Moe Baumler"
as "Ban Worrall"
Liberace (1988)
as "Jamie"
as "Neil Steinhart"
as "Harrison Fox, Jr."
Daniel (1983)
as ""
as "David Koenig"
Skokie (1981)
as "Herb Lewisohn"
Killjoy (1981)
as "Paul Trenton"
as "Alan Lenz"
as "David Bennett"
The Car (1977)
as "John Norris"
as "Professor"
as "Ernest Lincoln"
as "Justin Conway"
Zachariah (1971)
as "Zachariah"
as "Yale"
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