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Christopher McDonald

Born February 15, 1955 in New York City, New York, USA
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Christopher McDonald (born February 15, 1955) is an American actor. He is known for his roles as Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore, Tappy Tibbons in Requiem for a Dream, and Mel Allen in the HBO film 61.

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as "Mr. Carter"
The Crash (2017)
as "Del Banco"
as "Harry Lang"
Exposed (2016)
as "Lt. Galban"
Zipper (2015)
as "Peter Kirkland"
as "Riverboat"
Believe Me (2014)
as "Ken"
as "Casey McNeil"
as "Jack Dietz"
as "Mr. Peters"
Grassroots (2012)
as "Jim Tripp"
as "Principal Brenigan"
as "Mr. Matthews"
Cat Run (2011)
as "Krebb"
as "Dr. Preston Edwards"
as "The Player"
Refuge (2010)
as "Jack Phillips"
as "Sargeant Bruce Mancuso"
as "Diamond Jim"
Reunion (2009)
as "Eamon"
Fanboys (2009)
as "Big Chuck"
Spooner (2009)
as "Dennis Spooner"
as "Lab Technician"
as "Dean Simmons"
as "Lou Landers"
Summerhood (2008)
as "Assistant Director"
Mad Money (2008)
as "Bryce Arbogast"
as "Tony"
as "Mr. Stifler"
Awake (2007)
as "Dr. Larry Lupin"
as "Marty Schumacher"
as "JD "Boss" Hogg"
as "Mr. Stifler"
as "Vic"
as "Roger McManus"
as "Ron"
as "Officer Koon"
Grind (2003)
as "Mr. Rivers"
as "President of the USA"
as "Speedy Thorne"
Speakeasy (2002)
as "Dr. Addams"
as "Macadam Salesman"
61* (2001)
as "Mel Allen"
as "Tappy Tibbons"
as "Todd Gross"
The Skulls (2000)
as "Martin Lombard"
Takedown (2000)
as "Mitch Gibson"
as "Brad Bradburn"
Magicians (2000)
as "Jake"
as "Roy Mueller"
as "Kent Mansley (voice)"
Five Aces (1999)
as "Ash Gray"
as "Mr. Frank Connor"
Gideon (1998)
as "Alan Longhurst"
SLC Punk (1998)
as "Stevo's Dad"
Jaded (1998)
as "Jack Carlson"
Dirty Work (1998)
as "Travis Cole"
Flubber (1997)
as "Wilson Croft"
Lawn Dogs (1997)
as "Morton Stockard"
as "Richard Halstrom"
as "Ward Cleaver"
as "Hugh Stanton"
as "Tony Potenza"
as "Jor-El (voice)"
as "Donald Krupp"
as "Coach Kimball"
as "Stewart Gleick"
as "Shooter McGavin"
Fair Game (1995)
as "Lieutenant Meyerson"
as "Major Joy"
as "Sheriff Jack Banning"
as "Kerr"
Quiz Show (1994)
as "Jack Barry"
as "Glen"
as "Tom"
as "Jack Walsh"
as "Mike"
as "Frank Kelbo"
as "Terry Kelsey"
as "Mickey Flannery"
as "Dan"
as "Senator Dixon"
Dutch (1991)
as "Reed Standish"
as "Darryl Dickinson"
Red Wind (1991)
as "Victor Lange"
Playroom (1990)
as "Chris"
Cool Blue (1990)
as "Peter Sin"
as "Louie Jeffries"
Paramedics (1988)
as "Mad Mike"
as "Wolff"
as "George"
as "Steve Tyler"
as "Detective Mark Woods"
as "Tony"
Breakin' (1984)
as "James"
as "Terry"
Grease 2 (1982)
as "Goose"
The Hearse (1980)
as "Pete"
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