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Yvonne Catterfeld

Born December 2, 1979 in
as "Maria von Trapp"
as "Eva"
as "La Princesse"
as "The Queen"
Sputnik (2013)
as "Katharina Bode"
as "Ina Grede"
as "Melanie Müller"
as "Gans Daunenfein(voice)"
as "Elisabeth „Ellen“ Ludwig"
as "Caro Will"
as "Karla Ben Yakin"
Volcano (2009)
as "Daniela Eisenach"
as "Laura Dierksen"
as "Maria Teiss"
as "Marla Hofer / Nora Schiller"
U-900 (2008)
as "Maria"
as "Celebrity-Braut"
as "Katrina Lang"
as "Singer"
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