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Niels-Bruno Schmidt

Born uknown in
as "Pastor"
as "Nachtportier"
as "Patient Krankenhaus"
as "Arbeiter"
as ""
as "Petersen"
Banklady (2013)
as "Assistent Kruse"
as "Ben Freese"
8:28 AM (2010)
as "Tilman"
Pandorum (2009)
as "Insane Officer 'Eden'"
as "Jan Karl Raspe"
as "Billy-Bob-Earl"
as "Zachy"
as "Cengiz"
A2 Racer (2004)
as "Knut"
as "DJ Kool"
as "Andreas Wenzel"
as "Panther"
as "Dave"
as ""
as "'Stone' Steiner"
as ""
as "Schmidt"
as ""
as "Jörg Franzen"
Deadly Web (1994)
as "Nicolai"
as "Roland"
as "Rocko"
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