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Genevieve Buechner

Born November 10, 1991 in
as "Annie Emmerson"
as "Shannon"
If I Stay (2014)
as "Cute Groupie #2"
as "Wendy Luckenbill"
as "Julie"
as "Juliana"
as "Lucy"
Girl Fight (2011)
as "Lauren"
as "Tina"
Judas Kiss (2011)
as "Samantha"
as "Daisy"
Elopement (2010)
as "Carolyn"
as "Madison"
Courage (2009)
as "Christy"
as "Female Teen Dance Student"
Vipers (2008)
as "Maggie Martin"
as ""
as "Tess Jamieson"
as "Young Marie"
as "Isabel Bannister"
as "Young Kara"
as "Monica"
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