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Gérard Darmon

Born February 29, 1948 in
as "Le père"
as "Le Shérif de Nottingham"
Bis (2015)
as "Le Père de Eric"
as "le médecin"
as "Bernard"
as "Richard Morena"
Le Client (2011)
as "Fred Fondary"
Low Cost (2011)
as "Jean-Claude"
as "Jean"
as "Paul Mondolini"
as "Jeff"
as "Aristotele Onassis"
as "henri"
as ""
as "Loïc"
as "Max Zagury"
as "Phil Canon"
as "Raoul"
Frenchmen (2003)
as "Jeff"
as "Oscar Marbello"
as "Kowalski"
as "Lamar"
as "Simon"
as "Commissaire Patrick Bialès"
as "Maurice"
as "Roland Bettoun"
Vagabond (1992)
as "Quentin"
as "Le motard"
For Sasha (1991)
as "David Malka"
as "Gaspard"
as "Merab Papashvili / Yasha"
as "un motard lunatique"
as "Jacques de Mailles"
as "Georges"
Le Beauf (1987)
as "Serge"
Betty Blue (1986)
as "Eddy"
as "La Cavale"
as "Jean-Loup Soeren"
Our Story (1984)
as "Duval"
as ""
La Baraka (1982)
as "Julien"
as "Roland Bettoun"
Diva (1981)
as ""
as "Un homme de main de Farès"
as "André Rouyer"
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