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Frances de la Tour

Born July 30, 1944 in
as "The Dowager"
Dolittle (2020)
as "Dragon (voice)"
as "Aunt Imogene (uncredited)"
as "Ursula Vaughan Williams"
as "Jill the Wigmaker"
Mr. Holmes (2015)
as "Madame Schirmer"
Survivor (2015)
as "Sally"
as "Giant"
as "Aunt Elinor"
as "Nesta"
as "Grandma Wolf"
Hugo (2011)
as "Madame Emilie"
as "The Rat Queen / Frau Eva"
as "Madame Olympe Maxime"
as "Aunt Imogene"
as "Martha"
as "Mrs. Lintott"
as "Madame Olympe Maxime"
as "Charlotte Ivanovna"
as "Dr. Helga Feuchtwanger, Psychiatrist"
as "Dr. Helga Feuchtwanger"
Bejewelled (1991)
as ""
as ""
as "Miss Bellaver"
as "Miss Jones"
as "Julia Frogmorton"
as "Salvation Army Major"
as "Miss Lockhart"
as "Maud Crape"
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