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John Bennett

Born May 8, 1928 in
as "Dr. Sigmund Freud"
as "Dr. Ehrlich"
as "Adulation #4"
as "Priest"
as "Officer Laskau"
Priest (1994)
as "Father Redstone"
as "Uncle Irwin Carlinsky"
as "Richard Erskine"
Tai-Pan (1986)
as "Orlov"
as "Don (voice)"
as "Aaron Lazar"
as "Captain Holly (voice)"
as ""
as "Salool"
as "Geoff Bridges"
as "Wriothesley"
as "Detective Inspector Holloway (segment "Framework Story")"
as "Dr. Singh"
as "Arab Sheik (uncredited)"
as "Pete"
as "Spider"
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