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Alexandra Neldel

Born February 11, 1976 in Berlin, West Germany
Spy Cat (2018)
as "Marnie (voice)"
as "Verena"
as "Viktoria von und zu Donnersberg"
as "Marie Adler"
as "Marie Adler"
as "Paula Pelzer"
as "Melanie"
as "Dr. Maria Berkel"
as "Marie Schärer"
as "Dr. Anna Winter"
as "Lena Berkow"
as "Anna"
as "Isabell"
as "Esther Nentwig"
as "Melanie"
Barefoot (2005)
as "Janine"
as "Esther Brandt"
A2 Racer (2004)
as "Claudi"
as "Vera Rehbein-Kischewski"
as "Anica"
as "Sylvia"
as "Anja Grafers"
Lammbock (2001)
as "Jenny"
as "Tine"
as "Nina Eckernförde"
Flashback (2000)
as "Melissa Schroeder"
as "Melanie"
as "Doris Matthaus"
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