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Rosemary Forsyth

Born July 6, 1943 in
as "Louise Miller"
as "Inquisitor"
Girl (1998)
as "Mom"
Daylight (1996)
as "Ms. London"
as "Dr. Angela Crane"
as "Judge"
Melissa (1995)
as "Dr. Gardner"
as "Mrs. Brady"
Disclosure (1994)
as "Stephanie Kaplan"
as "Judge Helen McCoy"
as "Teacher"
as "Loretta Simpson"
as "Vickie Blanchard"
as "Judith Lindholm"
Black Eye (1974)
as "Miss Francis"
as "Sybil Towers"
as "Lia Holmes"
as "Vivian Masters Patterson"
as "Pamela Anders"
as "Harriet Vaughn"
as "Diana Mayhew Smith"
as "Phoebe Ann Naylor"
as "Bronwyn"
Shenandoah (1965)
as "Jennie Anderson"
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