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John Hurt

Born January 22, 1940 in Shirebrook, Derbyshire, England, UK
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John Vincent Hurt, CBE (born 22 January 1940) is an English actor, known for his leading roles as John Merrick in The Elephant Man, Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four, Mr. Braddock in The Hit, Stephen Ward in Scandal and Quentin Crisp in The Naked Civil Servant, Caligula in the television series, I, Claudius (TV series), and An Englishman in New York. Recognizable for his distinctive rich voice, he has also enjoyed a successful voice acting career, starring in films such as Watership Down, The Lord of the Rings and Dogville, as well as BBC television series Merlin.
Hurt initially came to prominence for his role as Richard Rich in the 1966 film A Man for All Seasons, and has since appeared in such popular motion pictures as: Alien, Midnight Express, Rob Roy, V for Vendetta, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the Harry Potter film series and the Hellboy film series. Hurt is one of England's best-known, most prolific and sought-after actors, and has had a versatile film career spanning six decades. He is also known for his many Shakespearean roles. Hurt has received multiple awards and honours throughout his career including three BAFTA Awards and a Golden Globe Award, with six and two nominations respectively, as well as two Academy Award nominations. His character's final scene in Alien is consistently named as one of the most memorable in cinematic history.

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as "S. R. Hadden"
as "Giles De'Ath"
Dead Man (1995)
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as "John Graham (Marquis of Montrose)"
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as "Archie Carpenter"
as "Dr. Joe Buchanan / Narrator"
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as "Bird' O'Donnell"
as "Himself"
Windprints (1989)
as "Charles Rutherford"
as "Chris Mullin"
as "Robert Burger"
Scandal (1989)
as "Stephen Ward"
Deadline (1988)
as "Granville Jones"
as "Gilbert Colville"
Vincent (1987)
as "(voice)"
Spaceballs (1987)
as "Kane"
Aria (1987)
as "The Actor"
as "The Narrator"
as "Douglas Benoit"
Jake Speed (1986)
as "Syd"
as "The Horned King (voice)"
Live Aid (1985)
as ""
as "Peter Hunningford"
as "Winston Smith"
The Hit (1984)
as "Braddock"
Champions (1984)
as "Bob Champion"
as "Lawrence Fassett"
King Lear (1983)
as "The Fool"
as "Snitter (voice)"
Partners (1982)
as "Kerwin"
as "Peter Strelzyk"
as "Jesus - The Roman Empire"
as "Billy Irvine"
as "John Merrick"
Alien (1979)
as "Gilbert Ward Kane"
as "Aragorn (voice)"
as "Hazel (voice)"
as "Max"
The Shout (1978)
as "Anthony Fielding"
as "Nash"
as "Lt. George Simmonds"
Spectre (1977)
as "Mitri Cyon"
as "Caligula"
as "Quentin Crisp"
The Ghoul (1975)
as "Tom Rawlings"
as "Franz"
as "Richard Forbush"
as "Timothy Evans"
as "Daniel"
as "Lieutenant Pilkington"
as "Davey Haggart"
as "Richard Rich"
as "Charlie"
as "Phil Corbett"
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