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McCullin (2012)
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Koichi Ueda

Born uknown in
as "Higuchi's subordinate"
Wasao (2011)
as ""
as "Prosecutor Huziwara"
Fish Story (2009)
as ""
as "Sotaro Wago"
as ""
Takeshis' (2005)
as ""
as ""
as "Original Gotengo Deputy Captain"
as "General Dobashi"
as "General Dobashi"
as "Government Official"
as "Detective Tsukuda, Ushio"
Crossfire (2000)
as "Riot Policeman"
as "Tokai Power Plant Director"
as ""
as "Mr. Kôchô"
as "Yocchan"
Abduction (1997)
as ""
The Eel (1997)
as "Keiji - A detective"
as "Iwata, Principal"
as ""
as "Aquarium Watchman"
as ""
as "Chief Police"
as "Deputy Commander Hyodo"
as "General Hyodo"
as "Anesthetist"
as "Marutomo Employee"
as "Sushi chef"
as "Middle aged man"
as "Former Lagos Island Soldier Ikehata"
as "Sakaguchi"
as "Joint Chief of Staff Yamaji"
Buddies (1989)
as ""
as ""
Zatoichi (1989)
as ""
as ""
as "Toshiharu Kobayashi"
as "Ninagawa no Fukushin"
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