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Rhoda Griffis

Born uknown in
as "Art Teacher"
as "Sneeper Madame"
as "White Librarian"
Bad Apple (2016)
as "Mrs. Fraire"
as "Real Estate Agent"
as "Judith Resnik"
as "Church Lady"
Woodlawn (2015)
as "Attorney Brenda Howly"
as "Principal Mary Nell"
as "Julia"
Sabbatical (2014)
as "Sarah Walsh"
as "Glenda"
as "Mrs. Gray"
Solace (2013)
as "Kathryn"
as "Dr. Schveer"
as "Doctor Lesley Hunt"
as "Convention Organiser"
as "Registration Woman"
as "Vesper"
as "Ilene Hanover"
as ""
as "Tina"
as "Nancy Sperling"
as "Flirty Tour Group Mom"
Year One (2009)
as "Eve"
as "Val"
as "Pamela Blackburn"
as "Marie Layton"
as "Secretary"
as "Karen Sandler"
as "Mom"
as "Five and Dime Manager"
as "Classroom Mother"
No Witness (2004)
as "Fiona Haskell"
as "Rikki Coleman"
as "Chippy Trick"
as "Clementine McFarland"
Road Trip (2000)
as "Tour Group Mom"
as "Pregnant Woman"
as "Saleswoman"
as "Sophie Dupree"
as "Edna"
Cobb (1994)
as "Amanda Chitwood Cobb"
as "Lynn Wickstrom"
as "Liz Kelley"
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