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Ned Vaughn

Born November 20, 1964 in
as "Wilbur Hobby"
as "Gerald Starnes"
as "CDC Spokesman"
as "Carver"
as "Deputy Mark Simmons"
as "Garrett Evans"
The Climb (2002)
as "Michael Harris"
Life (1999)
as "Young Sheriff Pike"
as "Scott Hines"
as "Charles Pendleton"
as "Chelli"
as "Officer David Carrey"
Apollo 13 (1995)
as "CAPCOM 2"
as "Glen Sculley"
Wind (1992)
as "Charley Moore"
as "Mitch Wilson"
as "Seaman Beaumont"
as "Billy Mahoney"
as "Charlie"
as "American Soldier"
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