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Carol Alt

Born December 1, 1960 in
as "Carol"
as "Angelique Paxton"
as "Queen Fallopia"
as "Jessica"
as "Irene Manning"
Swarmed (2005)
as "Cristina Brown"
as "Lori Dale"
Hitters (2002)
as ""
as "Judy"
Revelation (1999)
as "Cindy Bolton"
as "Trish Gannon"
as "Grace"
Body Armor (1997)
as "Agent Monica McBride"
as "Gloria"
as "Dana Townsend"
as "Kate LaRew"
as "Saundra"
as "Kelly LaRue"
as "Tanya"
as "Nancy Pertinance"
as "Kate LaRue"
as "Barbara / Sally"
as "Christine Sanders"
as "Alice"
as "Veronica Flame"
Millions (1991)
as "Betta"
as "Marina Ripa di Meana"
Mortacci (1989)
as ""
as "Sandra"
as ""
as "Marina"
as "Margherita"
Portfolio (1983)
as "Elite Model"
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