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Bruce Davison

Born June 28, 1946 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
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Bruce Davison (born June 28, 1946) is an American actor and director.

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as "Christian Rainier"
as "P'Torr The Exile"
as "D.A. Bonomi"
as "Richard"
Get a Job (2016)
as "Lawrence Wilheimer"
as "Edward"
as "Grandpa"
37 (2014)
as "Psychic"
Persecuted (2014)
as "Senator Donald Harrison"
as "Oliver Henry (adult)"
as "Walt"
as "William H. Seward"
as "Francis Matthias"
as "The Roman"
Bigfoot (2012)
as "Sheriff Walt Henderson"
as "Mr. Lowell"
as "Jerry Farrell"
as "Bürgermeisterin"
as "Bud Kelly"
as "Rod Wright"
Coffin (2011)
as "Garrison"
as "Chief Kirkhoven"
Camp Hell (2010)
as "Fr. Phineas McAllister"
Titanic 2 (2010)
as "James Maine"
as "Winslaw"
as "President Wilson (voice)"
as "Rod Wright"
as "Nick Anderson"
Megafault (2009)
as "Dr. Mark Rhodes"
The Line (2009)
as "Anthony"
as "Charles Graiman"
Breach (2007)
as "John O'Neill"
as "Leah's Father"
Touched (2005)
as "Robert Davis"
Hate Crime (2005)
as "Pastor Boyd"
as "Stan Lathem"
Confession (2005)
as "Father Thomas Parker"
8MM 2 (2005)
as "Ambassador Harrington"
as "Adam"
as "Dr. Stegman"
Evergreen (2004)
as "Frank"
as "Durwood Cable"
X2 (2003)
as "Senator Kelly"
as "Peter Schuman, Interrogator"
ManFast (2003)
as "Rupert Iris"
Dahmer (2002)
as "Lionel Dahmer"
as "Dan Freeman"
as "Brig. Gen. Bill Marks"
Off Season (2001)
as "Dr. Zimmer"
as "Rand Parrish"
as "Tom Oakley"
as ""
X-Men (2000)
as "Senator Kelly"
as "Ray"
Vendetta (1999)
as "Thomas Semmes"
as "Dr. Charles Aaron"
as "Jim"
Apt Pupil (1998)
as "Richard Bowden"
Paulie (1998)
as "Dr. Reingold"
as "Frank Gainer"
Lovelife (1997)
as "Bruce"
as "Dr. Michael Millerton"
as "Reverend Parris"
as "Sam Stapp"
as "John Murray"
as "Rodney Bingham"
as "Justin Sager"
as "Watson Brewer"
Homage (1995)
as "Joseph Smith"
as "Burt Squires"
as "Nick Callahan"
as "Larkin"
as "Bill Sanders"
Short Cuts (1993)
as "Howard Finnigan"
as "Richard Robbins"
as "Laurence Dvorak"
as "Albert Morton"
as "Dr. Peter Foley"
as "Bill Guthrie"
as "David"
as "Porta"
as "Richard Harrison"
as "Ruby"
Lies (1985)
as "Stuart Russell"
as "Donny Hopper"
as "Dolin T. Pike"
The Wave (1981)
as ""
High Risk (1981)
as "Dan"
as "George Orr"
as ""
as "Col. Robert Dawson"
as "Orin Mannon"
as "Anton Reiker"
as "Kid Ross / Inspector Sordik"
as "Dean Torrence"
as "George"
Short Eyes (1977)
as "Clark Davis"
as "Leroy"
as "Michael Larsen"
Mame (1974)
as "The Older Patrick"
The Affair (1973)
as "Jamie Patterson"
Peege (1973)
as ""
as "Lt. Garnett DeBuin"
Willard (1971)
as "Willard Stiles"
as "Simon"
as "Dan"
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