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Zak Santiago

Born uknown in
as "Nurse Carlos"
as "Edward Gonzales"
as "Nico"
as "Glenn Roberts"
as "Detective Santiago Gates"
as "Ethan"
as "Commander Wilcox"
as "Armin 'High Top' Diaz"
as "Matt"
as "Edi Gogol"
Rags (2012)
as "Diego"
as "Edi Gogol"
as "Edi Gogol"
as "Edi Gogol"
as "Edi Gogol"
as "Detective Javier"
as "Aron"
as "Young Cop (uncredited)"
The Front (2010)
as "Roy"
At Risk (2010)
as "Roy"
Alice (2009)
as "10 of Clubs"
as "Detective Lavastic"
Shooter (2007)
as "Senior Agent"
as "Gus"
as "Marcus Vegarra"
as "Fireworks Guy"
Canes (2006)
as "Antique Dealer"
as "Carloes Guerrero"
Rapid Fire (2006)
as "Russell"
Severed (2005)
as "Ramon"
as ""
as "Gabriel Mendoza"
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