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Peter Stormare

Born August 27, 1953 in Kumla
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Peter Stormare (born Rolf Peter Ingvar Storm; 27 August 1953) is a Swedish film, stage, voice and television actor as well as a theatrical director, playwright and musician. He is perhaps best known for his roles as John Abruzzi in Prison Break and as Gaear Grimsrud, one of the two kidnappers in Fargo.

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as "Gunther (voice)"
as "Abram"
Rupture (2016)
as "Terrence"
as "Editor"
as "Thang (voice)"
as "Stokes"
as "Corporal (voice)"
Clown (2014)
as "Karlsson"
I Am Here (2014)
as "The Russian"
as "George"
Mall (2014)
as "Barry"
as "Ghost"
Rage (2014)
as "Francis O'Connell"
Heatstroke (2013)
as "Mallick"
as "Doctor 2"
as "The Mayor"
Bad Milo (2013)
as "Highsmith"
as "Whiplash (voice)"
as "Dr. Bjornson"
as "Ink"
as "Berringer"
as "Burrell"
as "Duke Fleming"
Jewtopia (2012)
as "Buck O'Connell"
Lockout (2012)
as "Scott Langral"
as "Frank"
as "Dr. Olivetti"
Marianne (2011)
as "Sven"
as "Richard"
as "Torsten"
as "Peter Stormare"
as "Prince of Doubt"
as "Gabriel"
as "Sloan"
as "Walter"
as "Snufkin (voice)"
Ivory (2010)
as "David Strauss"
Corridor (2010)
as "Micke"
as "Darek Millodragovic"
Horsemen (2009)
as "David Spitz"
as "Dr. Phillips"
as "Dr. Gianetti"
Wolf (2008)
as "Klemens"
as "Arthur Grimsley"
Boot Camp (2008)
as "Norman Hail"
Echo (2007)
as "Simons far"
Switch (2007)
as "Tommen"
Anamorph (2007)
as "Blair Collet"
as "Glenn"
as "Korvgubbe"
as "Dr. Roth"
Unknown (2006)
as "Snakeskin Boots"
as "Emperor"
as "Dracula"
as "Cavaldi"
as "Professor Ackerman"
as "Lucifer"
Birth (2004)
as "Clifford"
as "Alexei"
as "Himself"
as "Ernst Röhm"
as "The Suspicious Character"
The Tuxedo (2002)
as "Dr. Simms"
13 Moons (2002)
as "Slovo"
as "Dr. Solomon Eddie"
as "Sergeant Eric Hjelmstad"
as "Adrik Vas"
Spun (2002)
as "Mullet Cop"
as "Oberon"
Chocolat (2000)
as "Serge Muscat"
as "Himself"
as "Jeff"
Circus (2000)
as "Julius"
Bruiser (2000)
as "Milo Styles"
as "Dixie"
8MM (1999)
as "Dino Velvet"
Purgatory (1999)
as "Cavin Guthrie"
Armageddon (1998)
as "Lev Andropov, Russian Cosmonaut"
as "Graham"
as "Shayes"
as "Nihilist #1, Uli Kunkel / "Karl Hungus""
Hamilton (1998)
as "Carl Hamilton"
as "Petrus Landahl"
as "Vladimir"
as "Dieter Stark"
as ""
Fargo (1996)
as "Gaear Grimsrud"
Damage (1992)
as "Peter Wetzler"
Awakenings (1990)
as "Neurochemist"
as "Beekeeper"
as "Jerry"
Seppan (1986)
as "Sara's Father"
Dweller (????)
as "John Gaines"
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