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Ellen Dubin

Born uknown in
Dune (2021)
as "Bene Gesserit Ancestor (voice)"
Midway (2019)
as "Admiral King Secretary"
as "Vince's Mistress"
No Deposit (2015)
as "Judy Ryan"
as "Tilly Sanduski"
as "Mary Gale Kelly"
as "Beverly Galloway"
as "Detective Sinclair"
Bull (2008)
as "Dr. Piri"
as "Claire"
Swarmed (2005)
as "Ellie Martin"
as "Charlotte Porter"
as "commentator"
as "Ilene"
Tunnel (2002)
as "Megan"
as "Jo Jo"
as "Carla Hawkins aka Opal"
The Donor (1995)
as ""
as "Cop #1"
as "Susan Banks"
as "Helga"
Personals (1990)
as "Officer Andretti"
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