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Shôichi Hirose

Born uknown in
as "Sarah the Great King"
House (1977)
as "Ramen Trucker"
as ""
as ""
as "Henchman"
as "Escaped Slave"
as "Soldier"
as "King Ghidorah"
as "Tunnel Worker"
Red Beard (1965)
as "Thug"
as "King Ghidorah"
Dogora (1964)
as "Thermal power plant staff"
Atragon (1963)
as "Mu Henchman"
as "Fisherman"
as "King Kong"
Mothra (1961)
as "Dam Worker"
Yojimbo (1961)
as "Ushitora Follower"
as "Burly Guard (uncredited)"
as ""
as "Yamana soldier"
The H-Man (1958)
as "Fire department official (uncredited)"
as "Detective in Etsuko's house"
Rodan (1956)
as "F-86F pilot"
Rodan (1956)
as "Fighter pilot"
Rodan (1956)
as "Meganulon"
as ""
Half Human (1955)
as "Mountain Searcher"
as "Convict"
as "Policeman"
as "Bandit"
Ikiru (1952)
as "Yakuza"
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