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John Kapelos

Born Mars 8, 1956 in
as "Mr. Arzounian"
as "Gus"
as "Jack"
as ""
as "Mr Jones"
as "Himself"
as "Vladdy"
as "Frank McGuire"
as "Roy Vidrow"
as "Himself"
as "Jean George"
Whisper (2007)
as "Whitley"
as "Captain Bob Russell"
as "Harold"
as "Jim Roberts"
as "Joey Tosh"
as "Bob Carter"
as "Leroy Riley"
as "Det. Gary Dumars"
as "John Redding"
Auto Focus (2002)
as "Bruno Gerussi"
Ignition (2001)
as "Conor's Lawyer"
as "Dewey Newcombe"
as "George Karras"
as "Walter Lippinscott"
The Relic (1997)
as "McNally"
Wiseguy (1996)
as ""
as "The Greek"
The Shadow (1994)
as "Duke Rollins"
Deep Red (1994)
as "Mack Waters"
as "Dr. Teplitsky"
as "Detective Melvenos"
as "Len Weinglass"
as "Steven Arrocas"
as "Det. Don Schanke"
The Boost (1988)
as "Joel Miller"
Vibes (1988)
as "Eugene"
as "Costas Gratsos"
Roxanne (1987)
as "Chuck"
as "Mr. Rangle"
as "Carl Reed"
as "Dino"
as "Rudy"
Tootsie (1982)
as "Actor at Party (uncredited)"
Thief (1981)
as "Mechanic #3"
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