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Lee Yong-nyeo

Born uknown in
as "Bok-soon"
as "Jak-boo's mom (uncredited)"
as "Yeo Kkong-ji"
as "mother"
as "Next door neighbour"
The Recipe (2010)
as "Han Myung-sook"
as "Jung-bum's mother"
as "Old Woman"
as "Lady Choi"
Cafe Noir (2009)
as "Yeong-soo's mother / Fortune teller"
as "Mother"
as "Young-goon's mother"
as "elder mother (uncredited)"
as "Jae-kyung's Mom"
as "Hunchback woman"
as "Park Gi-suk"
as "Ballet Auntie"
as "Woman Buying Umbrella"
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