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Stina Ekblad

Born February 26, 1954 in
as "Dama Lizea"
as "La psychologue"
as "Karin"
as "Doctor"
Pax (2010)
as ""
as "Maj Fjellgren"
as "herself"
August (2007)
as "Bettie von Essen"
as "Missionær"
as "Angela"
as "Lotten"
as "Marianne"
as "Woman with money, from "Notater om kærligheden" 1989 featured in segment "Obstruction #4 - The Perfect Human"
Suxxess (2002)
as "Susanne"
as "Stine"
Gossip (2000)
as "Eivor Pellas"
Faithless (2000)
as "Eva"
as "Castens sekreterare"
as "Housekeeper"
Credo (1997)
as "Karen"
as "Marianne"
as "Gunnel Runeberg"
as "Kirstine (Mother)"
as "Renee"
as "Nurse"
as "Lollo"
as ""
as "Kvinden med penge / Woman with money"
as "Tea Alexisdotter"
Amorosa (1986)
as "Agnes von Krusenstjerna"
as "Ismael Retzinsky"
as ""
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