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Steve Agee

Born uknown in
Rebirth (2016)
as "Ray"
Dementia (2015)
as "Larry"
The Hive (2015)
as "Kevin"
as "The Clown"
as "Big Deal / Mack / Beefhouse (voice)"
as "Norm Ostrowski"
Bummed (2015)
as "Nurse"
as "Foreman"
Manly (2014)
as "Ahriman (voice)/Zealot (voice)"
Me (2014)
as "Steve"
as "Rick the Repairman"
Harmontown (2014)
as "Himself"
as "Gun Dealer"
as "voice of Steve Agee (voice)"
as "Hezekiah"
Hit & Run (2012)
as "Dude"
Super (2010)
as "Comic Book Store Jerk"
Held Up (2010)
as "Homeless Guy"
as "Guy in Wings"
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