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Tom Heaton

Born uknown in
as "Wylie"
as "Norman"
as "Future Scientist"
as "Alfred"
as "Howard"
Slither (2006)
as "T"
Miss Texas (2005)
as "Cowboy Joey"
as "Jason Thompson"
as "Bum / F.B.I. Agent"
as "Reverend Boggs"
Mermaid (2000)
as "Quaid"
as "Ugly Staffer"
as "Peter"
as "Turf 'n Turf Customer #2"
as "Billy Bob"
as "Boxcar Louie"
as "Doctor - 1958"
as "Mel Betsill"
as "Grandfather"
as "Detective"
as "The Dispatcher"
as "North Carolina M. D."
Cousins (1989)
as "Farmer on Tractor"
as "Bartender Jesse"
as "Harrison"
as "Constable Potter / Uncle Frank"
as "Railroad Deek"
Eureka (1983)
as "Man Blowing Off Head"
as "Mr. Riley"
as "Tom"
as "Sugar Wyman"
as "Lt. Pattison"
Bandolero! (1968)
as "Joe Chaney"
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