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Yuji Okumoto

Born April 20, 1959 in
as "Yuji"
Inception (2010)
as "Saito's Attendant"
as "Sgt. Yukio 'Yuk' Nakajo"
End Game (2006)
as "Doctor Lee"
as "Pestilence"
Partners (2000)
as "One Eye"
as "Japanese Shy Bomber"
as "Matsuo Yomma"
Fortress 2 (2000)
as "Sato"
as "Pete"
as "Japanese Family"
Mean Guns (1997)
as "Hoss"
The Game (1997)
as "Nikko Hotel Manager"
Contact (1997)
as "Electrical"
Blast (1997)
as "FBI Agent"
as "Yuji"
as "Tommy"
as "Mickey (uncredited)"
Robot Wars (1993)
as "Chou-Sing"
as "Kazuo"
Nemesis (1992)
as "Yoshiro Han"
as "Shu Kai Kim"
as "Kenzo Konishi"
as "Chozen"
as "Yee Sook Ree"
as "Fenton"
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