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Born April 29, 1973 in
as "Senator Vaspar"
as "Hafez el-Assad"
as "Allon"
Child 44 (2015)
as "Alexei Andreyev"
as "Hafez el-Assad"
as "Hafez el-Assad"
as "Hakim"
as "Mahmoud"
Safe House (2012)
as "Vargas"
Easy Money (2010)
as "Mahmoud"
Metropia (2009)
as "Firaz (voice)"
as "Jonathan Sauma"
as "Kristoffer El-Zeid"
as "Omar"
as "Frank Flambert"
as "Kristian"
Kops (2003)
as "Jacob"
as "Michel"
as "Roro"
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