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Steve Blum

Born uknown in
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
Storks (2016)
as "Loop Group (voice)"
as "Santa Claus (Jolnir) / Nick"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Gruff Cop / Watchman #2 (voice)"
as "Lex Luthor (voice)"
as "Shoe / Sparky (voice)"
as "Darkseid / Ocean Master (voice)"
as "Himself"
as "Sector Manager"
as "Lex Luthor / Captain Thunder (voice)"
as "Heatblast / Mechamorph"
as "Stan (voice)"
as "Count Vertigo (voice)"
as "Teacher / Additional Voices"
as "Duke / Roadblock / Doc / Wild Bill / Technician / Ripcord / Zartan / Operator (voice)"
as "Greg Glenn (voice)"
Mr. Brooks (2007)
as "Special ADR Recording (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
as "Voice Over Talent (voice)"
as "Guilmon / Growlmon / Gallantmon"
as "Yoshiyuki Terada (voice)"
as "Computer Voice 1 / Poromon / Flamedramon / Raidramon / Magnamon (voice)"
as "Kelly's Manager (voice)"
as "Prism (voice) (as David Lucas)"
as "Thunderhawk / Ring Announcer (voice)"
as "Additional Voices (voice)"
Akira (1988)
as "Additional Voices (voice: Pioneer redub)"
as "Laser Efficiency Kid (as Richard Cardona)"
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