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Simon Russell Beale

Born uknown in
as "Robert Beale"
as "Lavrenti Beria"
as "Couch"
as "Mr. Frum"
as "Baker's Father"
Legacy (2013)
as "Hookey"
as "Himself"
as "Cotes-Preedy"
as "Sir William Collyer"
as "The Duchess / Introduced by"
Deep Water (2006)
as "Donald Crowhurst (voice)"
Dunkirk (2004)
as "Winston Churchill"
as "Prince of Wales"
as "Luke Fraser"
as "Sir Edward"
as "King Cedric of Hearts"
Hamlet (1996)
as "Second Gravedigger"
Persuasion (1995)
as "Charles Musgrove"
Orlando (1992)
as "Earl of Moray"
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