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Yuen Wah

Born September 2, 1950 in Hong Kong, China
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Yuen Wah (born 2 September 1950) is a Hong Kong based Chinese action film actor, action choreographer, stuntman and martial artist who has appeared in over 160 films and over 20 television series.

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as "Agent"
as "Mailman"
as "Peng Qianwu"
as "Chan Tin-Cheuk"
as "Mung"
as "Leung's father"
as "Uncle Da / Tak"
as "Landlord"
as "Himself"
Australia (2008)
as "Sing Song"
as "Chang Chung/Chang Yung"
as "Fortune teller M"
as "Master Fok (Fat's dad)"
as "Dragon gate master"
as "Mister M"
as "Sam Yuen Wah"
as "Phoenix's father"
as "Lord Chancellor Tortoise"
as "Chi Mo Sai"
Ah Sou (2005)
as "Buddhist monk master"
as "Robert Chi Mo Sai"
as "Landlord"
as "Ha La-Chak"
Hero (1997)
as "Ma Tai Cheung"
as "Mainland drug seller"
as "Dee's father"
as "Bloody Wolf"
Kickboxer (1993)
as "Chairman Wah"
as "Coach"
as "Panther"
The Master (1989)
as "Uncle Tak"
as "Sorcerer of Black Section"
as "Cheng Wan-To"
as "Saint Hero"
Red Shield (1991)
as "Panther"
as "Sifu Wu Lung Lo"
as "Master Chow Fei-Hung"
as "General Nguen"
as "Robber"
as "Master Of Death"
as "Tin-chan"
as "Yuan Hua"
Swordsman (1990)
as "Zhor"
as "The Manager"
as "Feng San"
as "Wu Yuan"
as "Dream man"
On the Run (1988)
as "Cowardly cop"
as "Comrade Zhu Bai Dao"
as "White-Haired Demon"
as "Hua Hsien-Wu"
as "Vietnamese general"
as "Hua"
as "Plant manager"
as "Extortion gang member"
as "Bank Robber"
as "The Vampire"
as "Ah Tad's SWAT buddy"
as "Gangster with Kidstuff"
as "Crow"
as "Ju San's brother"
as "Right Guardian of Ming Clan"
as "Zheng Hong's man"
as "Prince Regent's bodyguard"
as "Gangster in hotel room"
as "Wen's brother"
as ""
as "Samurai Killer"
as "Black Lizard"
as "Shan-Bing"
as "Ximen Rou (Green Faced Spear)"
as "Xu Fang"
as "Mu Chi"
as "Lin Fei"
as "Zhang Biao"
as "Ba Jia, Liu's bodyguard"
as "Poison Scholar Jin Ju"
as "Dr Guo's hanger-on"
as "Hong Kong target (uncredited)"
as "Li's Swordsman"
as "Black Evil Clan's member"
as "2nd Chief Xi Zhao"
as "Ming Clan Five Fighters"
as "One of the Leng brothers"
as "Zhi's mute bodyguard"
as "Sire's swordsman with white beard"
as "Four Friends of Plum Garden"
as "Lo Chen's second (uncredited)"
as "Black Devil"
as "One of Hao's men/One of Chou's guards"
as "Longsheng"
as "Poisonous Moths Clan member"
Death Duel (1977)
as "Whoremonger who stabs Chi"
as "Soldier"
as "[Extra]"
as "Bodyguard"
as "One of Shih's 8 bodyguards"
as "Peacock mansion member"
as "Russian's student"
as "Tseng's man"
as ""
as "Student"
as "Japanese"
as ""
Stoner (1974)
as "Thug"
as "Bandit"
as "Fighter"
as "Thug"
as "Tournament fighter"
as "Court deputy"
as "Japanese"
as "Assassin"
as "Man who mocks Chen at the gate (uncredited)"
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