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Lee Nicholas Harris

Born uknown in
as "Commuter (uncredited)"
as "Police officer"
as "CO19 Officer"
Stratton (2017)
as "Desk Sergeant"
as "Dan Clan Mafia (uncredited)"
Unlocked (2017)
as "Police Officer 492"
as "Paramedic (uncredited)"
as "Festival Head Security"
as "Banker"
as "Police Constable"
as "Police Motorcyclist 492"
as "Police Officer"
as "Fireman"
as "Policeman PC492"
as "Fruit & Vegetable Stall Holder"
Redirected (2014)
as "Drunk Scottish Football Fan#1"
Traveller (2013)
as "Riot Police"
Still Life (2013)
as "Police Chief Superintendant"
as "Desk Sergeant"
Rush (2013)
as "Paramedic USA (uncredited)"
as "Security Guard"
About Time (2013)
as "Police Officer"
as "Camp Humphrey's Soldier"
as "Meat Market Manager"
as "Implant Soldier Harris"
Trance (2013)
as "Paramedic"
Skyfall (2012)
as "Armed Police Officer"
as "Fisherman"
as "Police Officer - SWAT (uncredited)"
Jack Falls (2011)
as "Armed Police Officer 5"
Robin Hood (2010)
as "Archer (uncredited)"
Old Dogs (2009)
as "Police Officer"
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