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Molly Hagan

Born August 3, 1961 in
Sully (2016)
as "Doreen Welsh"
as "CIA Agent Stacy Thomas"
as "Candace"
as "Francine"
as "Meryl"
as "Miss Calhoun"
as "Janine"
as "Caroline Kampenfelt"
BFFs (2014)
as "Rebecca"
Beneath (2013)
as "Judith Marsh"
Miss Dial (2013)
as "Potato Shredder Caller"
as "Beth Brooks"
as "Kaye"
Love Shack (2010)
as "Debbie Vanderspiegl"
as "The Director"
Just Peck (2009)
as "Ms. Sears"
as "Pat Cheaver"
as "Pediatrician"
as "Mrs Jones"
as "Coach Crenshaw"
as "Coach Crenshaw"
as "Sheila Yoder"
as "Janine Goldstein"
Election (1999)
as "Diane McAllister"
Ringmaster (1998)
as "Connie Zorzak"
as "Officer Violet Searcey"
as "Jessica"
as "Alice"
as "Pam"
Shootdown (1988)
as "Elizabeth Moore"
as "Ellen"
as "Shayne"
as "Ellie"
as "Diana Luna"
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