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Crystal Lowe

Born January 20, 1981 in
Wonder (2017)
as "Melissa Albans"
as "Rita Haywith"
as "Tina"
To the Mat (2011)
as "Piper / Peaches"
as "Dr. Nina"
as "Zoe"
as "Tanya"
as "Faiza"
as "Jane"
as "Nicole"
as "Cam's Wedding Friend"
as "Elena"
as "Hot Party Girl #3"
as "Lauren Hannon"
as "Pretty Girl"
as "Autograph Girl"
as "Chingy's Girl #1"
as "Ashlyn Halperin"
Thralls (2005)
as "Tanya"
as "Waitress"
I Spy (2002)
as "Beautiful Girl (as Crystal Lowe)"
I Spy (2002)
as "Beautiful Girl"
as "Cheerleader"
Insomnia (2002)
as "Kay Connell"
Sanctimony (2000)
as "Virginia"
Get Carter (2000)
as "Girl #1"
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