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Wayne Robson

Born April 29, 1946 in
as "Pete Kittredge"
Sea Wolf (2009)
as "Hanssen"
as "Lomacki"
as "Boat Captain"
as "Old Man"
Stuck (2007)
as "Mr. Binckley"
Cool Money (2005)
as "Doc"
as "Morris Gutman"
as "Stan Holland"
Wrong Turn (2003)
as "Old Man"
as "Doctor"
as "Tolbert"
as "Mike Hamar"
as "Mr. Ballou"
as "Tug Jones"
as "Jack Hargrove"
Affliction (1997)
as "Nick Wickham"
Cube (1997)
as "Rennes"
as "Bartender"
as "Simon Falk"
as "Beano Callahan"
as "Frank Hardin"
Heads (1994)
as "Benny"
Dark Horse (1990)
as "Elliot"
as "Frank (voice)"
as "Jeff"
Parents (1989)
as "Lab Attendant"
as "Principal"
as "Officer Huntley"
as "Jeter"
as "Wally Degan"
Goofballs (1987)
as "Stick"
Bullies (1986)
as "Vern"
Mania (1986)
as "Steve Harold"
as "Harry Dickens"
as "Halliday"
as "Shorty"
as "Mechanic"
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