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Michelle Harrison

Born Mars 24, 1975 in
as "Rhian Flynn"
as "Vanessa / Melanie"
as "Doris"
as "Sarah"
as "Regan Reilly"
as "Stephanie"
as "Harriet Fellows"
as "Alison Freemont"
Altitude (2010)
as "Sara's Mother"
as "Lori DiGrigio"
Elegy (2008)
as "2nd Student"
as "Julie Reichert"
as "Anisha"
as "Jane Kimball"
as "Detective Kate Tunney"
as "Mary Margaret Place"
as "Crystal"
as "Samantha Banton"
Paycheck (2003)
as "Jane"
First Shot (2002)
as "Courtney Robinson"
as "Lady in Waiting #1"
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