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Ezra Buzzington

Born uknown in Muncie, Indiana
Ezra Buzzington is "that guy" from "Oh, that guy!". He's been in dozens of popular films but isn't one you'd recognize on the street. He's worked twice with David Fincher, Terry Zwigoff, Rob Zombie and Alexandre Aja. Other directors include George Clooney, the Farrelly Brothers, Paul Thomas Anderson and Chris Nolan. You know him. You just don't know you know him.
Mohawk (2017)
as "Hezekiah Holt"
Trash Fire (2016)
as "Pastor Sterling"
The Chair (2016)
as "Tudley"
as "Spitz"
Lost Lake (2012)
as "Vern"
Dust Up (2012)
as "Sheriff Nathan Haggler"
Bad Ass (2012)
as "Store Clerk"
The Artist (2011)
as "Journalist"
as "Cult Leader"
as "John Hopper"
as "Joe"
Mirrors (2008)
as "Terrence Berry"
Spy School (2008)
as "Mr. Bailey"
as "Murderer"
as "Leslie"
as "Ticket Hawker"
as "Goggle"
Zen Noir (2004)
as "Ed"
as "Weird Al"
as "Stewart"
as "Reporter"
Fight Club (1999)
as "Inspector Dent"
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